About Blueye Tactical

Blueye Tactical Eyewear is a division of Blueye Eyewear Pty Ltd. Blueye have been designing, developing and manufacturing specific purpose eyewear for over 20 years with the emphasis on supplying elite performance eyewear products.

In 2013, and after four years of development, we proudly released the first-ever specific purpose ballistic eyewear range for the international military and tactical markets. At Blueye Tactical Eyewear we strongly believe that for personnel to perform specific operational tasks they need to be wearing the correct piece of eye protection.

Whether it is Water Ops, Land, Air or Special Ops tasks, Blueye Tactical has developed an elite performance eyewear product for your needs.

Award Winning Design

Australia’s annual Design Awards is one of the oldest and most prestigious international design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958. It is recognised by the World Design Organization (WDO) as Australia’s peak international design endorsement program. Blueye Eyewear Pty Ltd was recognised and awarded both the Powerhouse Museum award for Design and the coveted Australian design of the year in 1998. In 2021 Blueye Eyewear continues to design and develop world class optical products.


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Chris K9 December 2018

Verified Buyer

Get Some!

Awesome glasses, real value for money.

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Soldier Systems23 October 2012

Verified Buyer

Answers the problem soldiers have with moving quickly in and out of the sun

The SOS Super Cell answers the problem Soldiers have with moving quickly in and out of the sun. This goggle is built to US Mil Spec and in addition to an anti-fog coating features a removable photochromatic lens. This allows the wearer to strip away the darkened lens when they go into darkened areas. It also serves as a sacrificial lens to prevent scratching of the SOS Super Cell’s primary lens.

Additionally, there is a silicon nonslip head strap with integrated goggle sleeve.

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OP12 September 2016

Verified Buyer

Very happy with these!

Exceeded my expectations.

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Colin S9 January 2020

Verified Buyer


Great quality product

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Robert K17 October 2018

Verified Buyer

Extremely Impressed With These Glasses!

Great sunglasses, the 3 option adds the HD changeable lens which make everything brighter, very impressed with this product as a whole for quality.

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P.N18 March 2016

Verified Buyer

Best tactical goggles on the market

There is a clear sign that military special forces were involved in the development of these goggles. After using others, I find these far superior. One of the best tactical goggles on the market.These goggles are a great addition to a ballistic helmet. I've fitted them on a number of different helmets with no issue. They hold perfectly on thanks to the anti-slip layer on the strap. It is necessary to emphasize the fact that these goggles have well-designed ventilation and thanks to that they do not fog. Not even by breathing and especially not even when the temperature changes rapidly, for example when passing from a colder environment to a warmer one like from outside to inside.

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P Drummond9 July 2018

Verified Buyer

Exceptionally Sturdy. Well Made. Don't Slip Down

Great glasses, comfortable wear. I ride on horseback and find them exceptionally sturdy when riding, they don't move on my face like others. Well priced.

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