SOS Supercell - Military Gogglesrapid change removable photochromic anti-fog goggle lens system, ballistic certified for tactical ops, prescription compatible


SOS Supercell Military Goggles provide superior vision for special operations tasks. These Goggles allows for the rapid removal of photochromic lens shield when going from light to dark environments. The SOS Supercell Goggle lens can change from a dark to clear state in seconds. Ideal for breaching, boarding or urban warfare.


  • Matte Black  or Desert Tan frame option
  • 1x clear 2.5mm polycarbonate ballistic certified lens. Visual clarity distortion-free certified
  • 1x additional nylon lens posts with photochromic Varia day/night light-adjusting lens system
  • Maximum protection against UVA, UVB & UVC
  • GW anti-fog lens coating inside & outside
  • Flame resistant TPV, maxi seal flame-resistant closed-cell face foam membrane fitted for comfort.
  • Super cell ventilation system for maximum ventilation and fog-free vision
  • Wide field of view for optimum performance
  • Multi helmet compatible including ops-core & protec. NVG & optical sights compatible
  • Quick-release goggle strap with silicone nonslip grip and adjustment system
  • Protective goggle sleeve
  • Storage case
  • RX prescription lens adaptor optional
  • Certified ballistic high impact protection goggles which meet standards:
    • MIL-DTL 43511
    • AS/NZS 1337.1
    • EN 166. ANSI Z87.1
  • Exceeds U.S. Military Ballistic Requirements
  • NSN 8465-99-335-1988


  • 28 Day Returns
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Dispatched in 1 Business Day

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Soldier Systems
Soldier Systems
11 years ago
Rating :

The SOS Super Cell answers the problem Soldiers have with moving quickly in and out of the sun. This goggle is built to US Mil Spec and in addition to an anti-fog coating features a removable photochromatic lens. This allows the wearer to strip away the darkened lens when they go into darkened areas. It also serves as a sacrificial lens to prevent scratching of the SOS Super Cell’s primary lens.

Additionally, there is a silicon nonslip head strap with integrated goggle sleeve.

Answers the problem soldiers have with moving quickly in and out of the sun